You deserve the best! and our Cotton soft Lip glosses deliver just that. Your lips are in for a treat with our super fun glosses! And guess what? It's totally kind to animals and the planet, because it's Vegan and Cruelty-free. Join us in spreading kindness and Let's Shine together!

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Diane's Review

Of course I had to give this black beauty a try and it is amazing. It is beautiful soft smells delicious and leaves my lips very smooth.

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Everyone's Favorite πŸŒ·πŸ’‹

Cotton Candy

Londyn's Review

Omg! This is Londyn’s favorite lipgloss. She loves the color, smell and just the tube in general! She applies this everyday and let me tell you, the moisturizer in these tubes are awesome! Londyn fell and cut her lip and it left a scab. When Londyn applied this, after a day the scab fell off! This is a winner!

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Bubble Bomb

Mia's Review

My mom got this for me for school and i love it all my friends say my lips are always shinny and they want this one too

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We pour care and passion into every single creation.

Natural beauty, Amplified!

From Booth to Beauty ☁️ 🌈

Our small Lipgloss Business Pops Up in Local Shops. These temporary retail experiences allow us to showcase our products in a tangible and interactive manner, fostering a deeper connection between our brand and our audience. We aim to make our lipglosses more than just makeup; we're offering an experience that's as vibrant and unique as our products themselves.

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